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Comedy Film Festival Announced its List of Nominees

 International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy announced it's Best Film.
International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy (IFFDSC) is back in Jakarta. This international film festival announced 3 films to compete as Best Film of IFFDSC this year.
Here are the Nominees:
Rigoberta Menchú: Daughter of the Maya, directed by Dawn Engle,
Sottoterra, directed by Federico Olivetti

The Eve, directed by Luca Machnich

For its fourth year, this festival who focuses on themes such as documentary, short films, and comedy choose film directed by Dawn Engle, Rigoberta Menchú: Daughter of the Maya, inside the list of nominees. This film tells a story about the Maya people that after nearly 5 decades filled with the chaos of politics, finally win by the bravery and the fullness of the Maya people themselves. This incredible movie is directed by Dawn Engle, an activist that has been nominated 15 timed for Nobel Peace Prize. She likes to make documentaries film that has strong stories as the theme. Besides this film, the Italian film directed by Federico Olivetti, Sottoterra, is a short film that was screened in a festival corner of Cannes, France and The Eve directed by Luca Machinch a short film that is able to make its way to the list of the nominees.

The winner will be announced in the middle of November celebrating the World Tolerance Day in Bali and Jakarta.

This festival is held with People’s Creative Council, iHebat International Volunteers, World Film Council, and Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI) as media partner and organizer. (TFR)


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