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Lebanese Film Ruled ISENMA

International Student, Newcomer, and Woman Movie Awards (ISENMA) announced its Best Film. Forgiveness, Lebanese film directed by women director, Rima Irani was given the title of Best Film this year. The announcement was made on November as part of the celebration of World Tolerance Day in Bali, Indonesia. This festival is focusing on finding newcomer’s film to be held the title of Best Film.


Forgiveness directed by Rima Irani is a short film that used to be called ‘art therapy’ where the audience after watching this film would be inspired to live a peaceful life. This film tells a story about a woman who went to a psychologist to heal her dark past and hope on staring a new life full of hope. This film wins, because of the director, Rima Irani, who is new in the film industry, able to make her film inspirational but also interesting where she combines paintings in the frames of her film is brilliant.


This film won over 250 films that were submitted in this international scaled festival. 4 other nominees that were chosen as the nominees for Best Film were beaten by this short film.


This festival works together with other International Film Festivals like Filmmakers of The Year Film Festival (FOTY), International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy (IFFDSC), Directors Awards (DIRA), International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary (IFFSRV), And held by People’s Creative Council, iHebat International Volunteers, World Film Council, and Radio Republic of Indonesia (RRI) as media partner and organizer.

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