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Damien Dematra Received Best Director In USA

Director Damien Dematra received the title of Best Director in the U.S. This time he received the title in Yosemite, California, United States from Yosemite International Film Festival through his film Let's Play Ghost.

Yosemite International Film Festival is a film festival who gives awards to the best international filmmakers who have a really great sense of creativity. This festival has been running for 7 years. For Best Film, Love Thy Nature with Hollywood Actor, Liam Neeson took the award.

Yosemite itself is famous as the Best National Park in the U.S. and the place where the legendary photographer Ansel Adams photographed his famous works.

Before this award, Damien who was also well known as the director of Obama feature film, has received dozens of awards as Best Director: the latest came from American Movie Awards 2015. In 1982 the Best Director was awarded to Steven Spielberg through his film Raiders of The Lost Arc. Many Hollywood big stars like ; Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn etc were among the past recipients.
Let's Play Ghost is a horror film that tells a story about an urban legend about a little ghost child who will appear if someone says "Let's Play 5x…” and the ghost will never want to end the game until everybody’s GONE. This film stars Natasha Dematra, Vina Yunita, Pagitta Ross, Aditya Antika, Herdi Bagus, Virda Anggraini and Kayla Atilla.

“This award is something that can be proud of. This shows that independent film also can be successful outside the country and also can received so many awards. I hope by receiving this award, all the young filmmakers can take it as an inspiration that if you work with all your heart you will achieve it.” said Damien during an interview.

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