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Film Festivals Alliance Received Two Awards

Film Festivals Alliance (FFA) has been chosen by The Film Reporter as The Most Progressive Film Festivals Submission Platform 2017 with its Money Back Guarantee Program. Film Festivals Alliance is an award-winning submission platform with awards from several Kingdoms and the biggest Film Submission Platform in Asia Pacific with more than 55.000 filmmakers in their list. Founded in 2011, this film festival submission platform that is based in Asia Pacific has been growing fast.

The Awards were presented by the Crown Prince of Blahbatu Bali, Anak Agung Ngurah Kakarsana in Bali, Indonesia. The Crown Prince said that with the awards, he hopes that Film Festivals Alliance would grow even more in many years to come.

Beside this, FFA is also included in the list of Top 5 Best Film Festivals Submission Platforms in the World. Here are the 5 Best Film Festival Platforms curated by The Film Reporter:

1. FilmFreeway
This festival platform might be the most popular between all. Launched in 2014 by Zachary Jones this festival platform has grown into a huge one! Starting from modern features and easy to use. 14 years younger than Withoutabox. This platform is still ahead of any other festival platform with 5057 film festivals from around the world.

2. Withoutabox
Withoutabox is the eldest of all other festival platforms. Founded in 2000 by David Straus, Joe Neulight, and Charles Neulight and owned by IMDb, Withoutaboxís name will always be heard inside the film industry. They are the market leader. But, lately FilmFreeway has dominated the film submission platform industry, and Withoutabox dominance has significantly decreased.

3. Film Festivals Alliance
Film Festival Alliance founded in 2011 might be new to some. But, this platform is one of the most innovative so far beating Click For Festivals and Festhome on the list. They offer the money back guarantee to films that have submitted but doesnít get accepted. This never been done in any other festivals platform.

4. Festhome
Founded in 2012 in London this one is a great platform to discover great films & festivals. Working together with Academy Award, European Film Award, BAFTA with 42000 films are selected by Festhome. Good design, clean view, easy to use, Festhome is one that every producers and filmmaker should put their film on!

5. Click For Festivals
Click For Festival founded in Madrid is quite strong with Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports helping them. Connecting Films and Festivals around the world is their biggest mission. Even though some said that the display could be more user-friendly, Click For Festivals is worth trying and nice people to communicate with.


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