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The Era of Superheroes Movies

 Written by: Natasha Dematra

From the 2000s the rise of superheroes movies is increasing very very quick. Thereís no year without one movie about superhero on the cinema. This has risen on our culture and has become an everyday life, not just a trend, but maybe a lifestyle. Ask kids from the age of 2 who are they favorite superhero and you will have the answer. From Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. And they even have a slot for the girls. The character of Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Harley Quinn, Enchantress, etc has become their inspirations too. Especially after the Marvel and DC Comics two of the most influence one that gave credit to this superheroes start focusing on women character like the soon release film about Wonder Woman.

This has become a cultural thing for us. Everywhere we look the feeling of Ďití is everywhere. Looking back to our history, Marvel knows how to read the market or specifically us. Thatís why they released The Avengers on 2012. And the result is big. Of course, the fans of each character will come to the cinema and watch it anyway. Doesnít care whether one hates the other character or not theyíll watch it. And maybe after they watch the film they will start having new superheroes to love. You love the character, you will buy the merchandise. Even if you donít, your kids or maybe your niece, nephew loves it and you have to buy it for them for Christmas or for their birthday. Looking at a new-born baby clothes, you can see some of them are wearing this superheroes characters. Kids from a very young age learnt who they have to adore which mostly are this superheroes characters. As this is everywhere. From head to toe. Especially when it is halloween. This thing just keeps going and not going to stop anytime soon. Itís like we are brainwashed by it. We hate one, we will love the other one. Just like a pattern.

If there is anyone who wants to stop this superhero era the answer is parents. All the parents in the world gather to boycott their kids from it. But, wait. What for? We need this. Try to look at it and think, why would we love a guy whoís wearing pants underneath its underwear? or a person who turned into a big kinda scary creature? Just looking at it, we know they arenít real but somehow we want them to exist. And some even need them for the satisfaction of their imaginative mind.

And the people behind this doesnít run out of ideas anytime soon. They will always make a franchise of this films. From a remake of a character they havenít explore to the character they explored but with different actors. Just like Doctor Strange that just released this month and Black Panther that would be released anytime soon and Spider-Man with new actor that would be released soon too. If the audience tired with this, they can always explore other parts. Like how they explored the agents behind it; the TV series Marvelís Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The good thing about this superhero era is little kid have their heroes (which is something need). The bad thing, they kids will know about violence in a very young age (this could be controlled by the parents though). Example, what happened in 2013 where six-year-old boy flies through the window pretending to be one of his favorite characters. Another example, a kid jumped off the window (again) pretending to be one of their characters just hours after watching the film. It is the job of the parents to know how to handle their kids. Because in most cases, this doesnít happen every day.

The conclusion most people could get from here is that this has become a thing we cannot stop. And for the studios of the superheroes movie they will keep pushing it until the end -if there is an end of this. Even if one day, this will trend will go down, the era of superhero will rise again somehow. This has become a part of our everyday lives and we society havenít received any real bad influences from it. So, why stop this? Try to look and imagine, what will our life be without this superheroes character? Believe me, the answer would surprise you and me. (ND)

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