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The Effects of Autotune in The Music Industry

 By TheFilmReporter

Autotune. This word very very sticks to the music industry. Ask every Music Engineer and trust me they’ll definitely know what Autotune is. Autotune found in 1997 by Andy Hildebran. A software that can shift pitches to the nearest true semitone. Has been said that even the worst voice could sing with this software. Fixing the wrong note of the singer.  This has caused controversy in the music industry. Starting from many singers who felt that Autotune destroying ‘real singers’, people who can actually sing. While some claimed that this software help to improve the pop music and RnBs. When I look at it. I realize that the founding of Autotune has changed the music industry very much and many even found other software similar to this such as Melodyne that was founded in 2000. If this used in the right way it can be a good one and it can improve the creativity of the artists itself. And this has also open opportunity for different levels of singers such as the new ones and the senior ones. Even till now 19 years from its first released, this is still a controversy. In my opinion, Autotune is a gift for music engineers and for new singers or person who can’t sing but wanted sing, this can be a new start for them. Autotune or Melodyne would found by other persons sooner or later even if Andy Hildebrand didn’t find it that year. This is something that the music industry has to live with and see it as a gift rather than a controversy. (TFR)

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