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“Searching for What Was Never Truly Lost”

Earthbound (eng)
Director : Robin Shou
Casts : Tya Arifin, Reza Nangin, Bima Azriel, Teuku Wisnu Wikana
Duration : 19 minutes
Country : U.S.—shoots in Indonesia

Earthbound tells a story about a woman who was separated with her husband and son when the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami struck Sumatra Indonesia. She searched and ended at a rescue shelter. There the woman reunited with her son but came to a daunting realization that she was already dead and was now an earthbound soul. But what was more horrifying was that her son was teetering between life and death, dying on the table. Knowing she would never see him again, she must persuade him to return to his body before it is too late.

This inspirational film is Robin Shou’s debut as a director as before he is known as his role as Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat and several Hong Kong action films. Tya Arifin plays as the lead role in this movie and she doesn’t use any make up during the filming—which is rare now and for Reza Nangin and Bima Azriel as the husband and son—they can do so much better knowing to the fact that they’ve played several big films before Earthbound or maybe that’s what Robin Shou’s wants from his cast—we never know. For the colour of this films is quite good as they chose not to put lot of colour into it to focus on its environment. Seeing the Behind The Scenes (BTS) it looks so much harder than it looks like in the film and it makes us come to the point of why would you make it harder if you can make it easier? But then again its the producers choice to do that. For the editing on the scene when Tya persuaded her son to go back was edited well as it can makes people cry plus to the fact of nice acting from Tya. For the story it was amazing for Robin who’s before famous for action films now turning his head to such an inspirational film and despite its plus and minus still this short film is worth watching for and it can change your life. Hope that Robin will keep making this kind of work. (Anna-Rose)

Point: 75

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