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“It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are—You Can Change The World."

Director : Napat Tangsanga
Casts : Wallop Thearathong, Monthol Rakkanaphon
Duration : 9:57 minutes
Country : Thailand

This short film tells a story about a grandfather who likes to work hard at the field and his grandson who’s so into social media. How ‘Old Generation’ can communicate with ’New Generation’ by using social media?

The idea of this film is very unique and as what director of this movie said that it is based on a true story. The acting of the grandfather is good. This film has received lots of awards from international festivals from a around the world such as in Jakarta, Indonesia from International Film Festivals Group and it was on Short Corner at Cannes last May. The big amazing thing about this film went to it's story and how it can inspired people to change the world no matter who you are how young you are how old you are and where you are is a very strong message plus Napat put at the credit title people to talk about what is life for them. Applause for Napat Tangsanga a young filmmaker from Thailand who's in such a very young age would like to make films with such a good message of hope. (Anna-Rose)

Point: 70

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