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“Orc Versus Human"


Production : Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment
Distributor : Universal Pictures
Director : Duncan Jones
Casts : Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Daniel Wu
Duration : 123 minutes
Released Date : June 10, 2016

The world of Azeroth that is inhabited by humans is threatened into a war when they have to face the Orc that have left their world, Draenor, their homeland that has wrecked. Anduin Lothar, the human leader and Durotan, the Orc leader will face to face to fight to save their family and their homeland. This movie is based on video games and directed by Duncan Jones the son of singer David Bowie. Despite many negative reviews most people say, Warcraft is a very nice film to watch.

It took 10 years to finally made it came to life in the cinemas and it’s worth it. Everything’s planned. Having a lot of twists, Warcraft also gives a hidden message about how important sacrifices for something much bigger.

The script is well written and applause for director Duncan Jones for delivering a nice story telling. Whether you know about Warcraft or not, you’ll gonna love this movie. Can’t really wait for its next film. The 2 hours film is worth to watch two times or more. Paula Patton gave a nice performance as Garona, the outcast of the two worlds and Travis Fimmel played as Anduin Lothar gave a good charisma that makes the audience fall in love with his character.

The Orc, Durotan played by Toby Kebbell was able to make the audience love his orc character despite the creepy look of the Orc. This movie shows the Orc and the human fighting for ‘something meaningful’ than just ‘fighting for fun’. Both Orc and Human were pictured as humanly as possible, it made the movie feels so real even though we are taken to a completely different world.

This movie in a fast view kinda reminded us of the Lord Of The Rings. One thing, that’s a minus point from this movie, the the ‘grand’ feeling in it is not as expected. Well it doesn’t really matter, what matter is Warcraft is one of the best fantasy film of the year! (Anna-Rose)

Point : 90


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