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Production : Mandalay, Endurance Media, Ventures, Torridon Films, Riverstone Pictures, MadRiver Pictures, Scott Free Productions, Cara Films
Distributor : Sony Pictures Classics
Director : Peter Lamdesman
Casts : Liam Neeson, Diane Lane, Marton Csokas, Ike Barinholtz, Tony Goldwyn
Duration : 103 minutes

This film tells the story of the famous whistleblower known as “Deep Throat” which was the number 3 person in FBI. Deep Throat is suspected to be the one who helped reporter Bob Woodward to investigate the Watergate Scandal in 1970 and force President Nixon to impeach himself. The story begins with the death of FBI director; J. Edgar Hoover. The number 2 person in FBI, a close friend of Hoover, resigned from the position. Felt is assigned to investigate the robbery in the Democrat headquarters by five unknown people which indirectly directed to the White House.

The film starts with the marriage life of Mark Felt and his wife, Audrey who has trouble with alcohol. At first, Mark and Audrey looked like a happy perfect couple and the early scenes showed the couple is holding a party with another couple which they have known for a long time. This film shows the intrigues behind the presidential election which Felt trying to show to the the world. On the other side, this film also shows the private life of Felt; which with his wife are struggling because of their runaway daughter. Liam Neeson gives an absolute performance.

This film pictured Felt as a hero. Felt become Deep Throat, not just for the sake of wanting to expose the corruption in the Nixon White House. But, also to keep the integrity of the FBI. Just like Peter’s other film Kill The Messenger, Mark Felt gives us a thrilling experience of what happened as we all known as “Watergate Scandal.” (Anna Rose)

Poin: 80


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