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The Foreigner

“Do Not Wake The Dragon”


Production : The Fyzz Facility, Sparkle Roll Media, Huayi Brothers Pictures, Wanda Pictures

Distributor : STXfilms

Director : Martin Campbell

Casts : Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan

Duration : 113 minutes

This film is based by the legendary novel written by Stephen Leather; The Chinaman which tells the story of a man from China named Ngoc Minh Quan who has a past as a NAVY Seal and now living his stable life with his daughter and owning a restaurant in London. His life were destroyed when a bombed happened and killed his daughter. The only family he had left. This incident caused Ngoc Minh Quan to find out who killed his daughter. Every way he tried, even finding Liam Hennesy to Ireland to find the answers of who killed his daughter.

This 35 Million US dollars budget film has turnover its budget with 70.5 income and of course still growing. This film stars senior Chinese actor who also produced this film; Jackie Chan paired with Pierce Brosnan played as Liam Hennesy; deputy minister of Ireland. Directed by Martin Campbell who’s notable for directing Casino Royal. This film marked the cooperation between Pierce Brosnan and Campbell since the film Golden Eye (1995) where Brosnan played as James Bond.

This 113 minute film shows an amazing acting from Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Jackie Chan nailed to show the audience that he is an actor who can play a strong and serious character not like his other films which mostly are light and comedy genre. While Pierce abled to show a charisma and gives a reluctant aura to his complicated character.

This film brings the audience to another world where all the politic intrigues are bandaged with action which is entertaining. The dialogues are flowing nicely into the audiences ears. The music were composed by Cliff Martinez who is able to bring a big tension feeling to the audience. Director Martin Campbell able to packed Stephen Leather novel into the big screen and made it into one of the best film of the year!

(Anna Rose)

Point: 90


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