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Doctor Strange

“A Spiritualist Superhero”


Production : Marvel Studios
Distributor : Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Director : Scott Derrickson
Casts : Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Michael Stuhlbarg, Benjamin Bratt, Scott Adkins, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton
Duration : 115 minutes

An acclaimed neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange, loss the use of his hands in a car accident. He refuses to believe that he can’t use his hands anymore as a neurosurgeon. He uses all his connections, everything he could think of to heal his hand. Until one day, he decides to go to Nepal as advised by his therapist who tells him the story of a man who’s with problems that can’t be healed but amazingly healed. So he went to Nepal and in there he met the Ancient One. In there he is drawn to the world of mystic arts.

Scott Derrickson director who’s famous for directing horror thriller film is chosen to helm this superhero film. Academy Award nominee Benedict Cumberbatch took the role as Doctor Strange in this superhero film. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo, Rachel McAdams starred as Christine Palmer, Benedict Wong as Wong, Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One.

Benedict Cumberbatch is able to bring the character of Doctor Strange into a very loveable and handsome character a whole different person than his role in The Imitation Game. He nailed it! The character of Doctor Strange quite similar to the charismatic Iron Man. A successful man who had anything and could say got too much confident. Tilda Swinton is chosen as the Ancient One by the studios. At first, this has created a little bit controversy. Looking at the fact that in the comics the Ancient One is shown as an elderly Asian Man some says this as “white-washing”. Anyway, everything’s looks great. Tilda played it well. She is able to bring the wise aura outta the big screen.

This film has grossed over $656 million, making this film the tenth highest-grossing film of 2016. This film gives the audience something so refreshing to watch compared to other superheroes films. It kinda had the 2010’s inception feeling with the special effects. You will feel the Harry Potter feeling in this film. From the ‘magic’ to the cloak he uses. This could be the favorite superhero for all Harry Potter fans!

Rachel McAdams character brings another color to the film. How Strange tries to reconnect with the another dimension and the one that keeping him sane is her. A really well-executed scene when Strange is sick at the hospital and Christine; Rachel’s character is trying to help him with the help of Strange spirit. How’s the funny and scary feeling mixed at the same time is really brilliant. Jump scares at the hospital are really funny! One word for the studios Scott is really is the perfect one to direct this superhero film.

At the end of the film, it shows that Doctor Strange got a meeting with Thor. This has given much speculation about his role in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. And looking at the post credit scene where Chiwetel Ejiofor character is shown changed into a person who believes the world has too many sorcerers has shown a big possibility for Doctor Strange to have its sequel! So, far this Doctor Strange film is the most refreshing superhero movie for the past years! (Anna Rose)

Point: 86,5


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