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“Woke Up 90 Years Earlier”


Production : LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures, Wanda Pictures, Original Film, Company Films, Start Motion Pictures
Distributor : Columbia Pictures
Director : Morten Tyldum
Casts : Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia
Duration : 116 minutes

Taken place in a starship name Avalon that’s transporting 5.000 colonists to the planet Homestead II, a journey that takes 120 years. One day Jim Preston played by the Guardians of the Galaxy star; Chris Pratt is awake, 90 years earlier. He decided to wake another passenger Aurora Lane played by Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. The story involves between the two trying to save the starship and also trying to solve their own problem.


Directed by Norwegian director, Morten Tyldum. Who is famous for his 2014 film, The Imitation Game. Starring Jennifer Lawrence (J-Law) and Chris Pratt with J-Law got a bigger salary and also 30 percent of the profit after the film break even. Quite rare in this era, where women actually got bigger salary than the men with the same job. Nice improvements!

The film has grossed over $289 million dollars from a budget of $110 million. J-Law once again proves her acting is really remarkable and Chris Pratt shows that his performance deserves awards. The film is actually just about the two trying to connect. Even with an android bartender on the Avalon played by Michael Sheen that also gives a good performance. Laurence Fishburne played as Chief Gus Mancuso, the chief deck officer while Andy Garcia made a cameo at the end of the film. This film is literally about the two. The power of both actors acting is the one thing that saves this film.


The film is really beautiful with its own unique love story that’s not so fairytale like. But, the film with its many special effects and beautiful production design has its own color. Even at the beginning, the film is too slow-paced with how depressed the Pratt’s character is. The film is a deep, romantic film you would want to watch even with a little bittersweet feeling after going out of the cinema. 

The ending itself for some people not too satisfying and advise the film should put the Homestead II world longer so the audience will get the feeling of what is everybody dreaming for. One good advice received from the film is that make the best moment in your life and don’t forget to be thankful for it!

(Anna Rose)

Point: 80


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