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“If Only A Boy Living With A Dinosaur"

Production : Pixar Animation Studios & Walt Disney Pictures
Director : Peter Sohn
Casts : Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Jack Bright, Steve Zahn, Anna Paquin, Sam Elliott
Duration : 96 Minute

65 MILLION years ago a big asteroid crashed into the earth and the dinosaurs are extinct. But what would happen if that asteroid passed the dart just like that? Then dinosaurs will survive and with big possibilities will meet the human race who will be born and become the new ruler on earth…

That’s what Bob Peterson imagined, the idea of the story, who’s being welcomed by the director Peter Sohn until they finally made an animation film that can be enjoyed not just for kids but also for adults (lately animation films stories not only about princesses, animals, but about the reflection of something smart like Inside Out)

A couple of vegetarian dinosaurs from the Apatosaurus kind, Henry and Ida, who lives from a corn farm. Their three eggs hatched and here it is Libby, Buck, and the youngest Arlo who had a small body compared to others. Poor thing, Henry float off the river while saving Arlo.

The story continues with the appearance of a boy from the human kind, Spot, who likes to steal the supply of the corn from its barn. Arlo chases Spot, until he got lost from his home. From enemies turning into friendship between Arlo and Spot who help each other on facing a lot of danger from the nature and other wild dinosaurs like T-Rex and Pterodactyls, a malignant ancient bird who’s after Spot. Will Arlo go back to his parents corn farm, and how’s Spot destiny?

In 2015 Hollywood is focusing the stories about family, so the film’s genre, not only drama or comedy, even action dan horror, focusing on the harmony of a family. That message is also what Arlo and Spot try to deliver, the value of a family.  *** YaWi
Point: 65

Yan Widjaya is a senior film reporter


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